Vintage Hues

Scope: 1 phase, existing footprint – kitchen, laundry room.

Problem: Despite the open kitchen trend and safe white or maple cabinets, they liked the separate “grandma kitchen” feel, its original colorful tile and details but the lay-out was unworkable.  The deck was accessed by going through the laundry room and windows and door should remain as they were recently replaced.

Solution:   Walls were removed between the kitchen and laundry room only, making the room feel larger, natural light increased and direct access to the deck.  They preferred the washer/dryer exposed. The colors, materials and curved details gave a fun homage to the past era they loved but the physical and psychological space they wanted now. The counter was a metal-look laminate with retro chrome trim and the floor, Marmoleum flooring.

Style/Personality: I asked if they fell in love with the house because of or in spite of the original colorful quirky kitchen. Because they loved it and because of their fun retro furniture, they were an easy read. I respected their rejection of go-to fads for space use and materials and, instead, listening to the house and their hearts.