Historic Revival

Scope: 2 phases, existing footprint – kitchen, master bath

Problem: This beautiful 1920’s West Hills kitchen had been remodeled by the previous owners for resale.  Badly. The cooking, eating and doorways were disjointed and unusable, the materials poor quality. The lovely original sunroom was accessed by going through 2 other rooms. The family entrance into the kitchen lacked a drop spot, coat and desk area.  The master bath had, although fun vintage tile, no counters, outlets or adequate shower.

Solution: New zones were created for kitchen, dining and family entry by opening the existing space and altering a window.  The table expands for guests and butts up to the island. A family entry was created with partial walls. Later, the master bath, keeping a vintage feel, got an additional 8’ of counter, storage and doubled the shower size, all in existing space.

Style/Personality:  We listened to the house. The Spanish Revival home’s original arched windows, sunroom’s floor tile and plaster columns were replicated.  Access to the sunroom was regained with a new doorway and the repurposed swinging butler’s door found in the basement. Cabinets were glazed for more patina, less formality vs. solid paint and counters were honed for both projects.

Accolades: This project won a local and regional design award. Listening to an old house and a contemporary family is always a winning combination.