The following services are available to meet your specific needs and can be performed on an hourly basis or per-job basis.

(The creative bones part)

The first step, creative problem solving and space use is my favorite part. It’s most crucial, the foundation on which all else is based. How the design relates to lifestyle, other rooms, outdoors, light, sociability, ergonomics, function and zones is foremost. Options are compared for benefits and budget. Space planning is the real value of a professional design and stands the test of time. Plans include detailed existing and remodeled floor plans with mechanical/electrical, optional plans and elevations and 3-D, if desired.

(The fun but confusing part)

Secondly, products are chosen. Today we’re bombarded with a vast array of new products from the information highways. I bring the benefit of my long-term relationships with local trades people and showrooms, helping you with selection and budget. I keep an eye on the big picture which avoids piecemeal product selection, the downfall of many projects.  As an industry insider, I’m aware of local, national and global trends.


spec-image-graphic Specifications
(The practical and technical part)

Next, I build the job as a detailed written description: labor, materials, model numbers, prep and inclusions/exclusions – things my clients say they would’ve never thought of. Covering all phases (see list  below), you get true, comparable, firm bids (not estimates). I help you avoid pitfalls, surprises and change orders. Making it up as you go always costs more and accurate pricing isn’t possible without good “specs.”



(The Money Part)

Next, with plans and specifications complete, accurate pricing can be done. I brainstorm with my trades people. I speak their language so I ask the right questions, get accurate pricing options and provide value engineering. Again, the goal for everyone is no surprises, all inclusive pricing and avoiding that pay as you go scenario.



production-cropProduction (The dust flying part)

With good prep in place – plans, products chosen and specs, I can refer you to a reputable general contractor and/or project manager to finalize pricing which includes their services. I am also available to stay with you throughout the production process to oversee and complete your project to everyone’ satisfaction.




Help-Me-Rhonda-cropHelp Me Rhonda!
(Consultation services)

You might just need an hour or two to brainstorm possibilities, sketch plans or choose materials.  Some clients hire me for “Help Me, Rhonda, For A Day.” A whole day to power through it – anything related to your house, inside or out, space use, organize, closets, colors, lighting, furniture, art, new construction or existing homes.  Go ahead, pick my brain. It’s filled with 30 years of experience, creative problem solving, fueled with high energy. I’m your own personal HGTV.