First, a little more background, and what this particular adventure is all about. Inquiring minds have asked, so to clarify…

4/20/13 – See my previous blog about the happy-ending kidnap. Since then, I kept in touch with my captors and was introduced to new peeps through them and social media. Friendly faces, names and comments kept cropping up, becoming more familiar.

10/2013 – Then, Blog Tour creator Veronika Miller, of Modenus fame, contacted me about the possibility of joining them. She has this magic about combining the design world – designers, manufacturers and social media around the globe. (See the Modenus website link to understand more about this one-of-a-kind industry pioneer and why I was so excited.)



Veronika Miller, Modenus Blog Tour creator

Veronika Miller, Modenus Blog Tour creator


Modenus – “Blog Tour / Las Vegas – What’s This One All About” – take a look!

(She’s done many blog tours nationally and internationally; here’s a fun overview about this one.)



blogtourvegas sponsor logos

The sponsors were all manufacturers I’ve loved and spec’d in for years!

It read like the Who’s-Who-Of-Designers-Just-Pinch-Me-All-Star Team-List



(And we’re not talking Las Vegas show girls here)

las vegas convention center design week kbis ibs logo

A little perspective: I’ve attended the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) for about 20 years, on and off, but this would be a whole new take. Not only would I be attending with a new group and purpose, it was a whole new show. I ‘d already planned on attending but this would be a game changer. What a combo – Blog Tour Vegas – KBIS/IBS 2014!

* First time ever (after 50 years) the two major industry shows joined forces at a co-location!

* KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, sponsored by the National Kitchen and Bath Association) is the world’s largest international trade event for the kitchen and bath industry.

* IBS (International Building Show, sponsored by National Home Builders Association) is the largest building trade show.

* A record-breaking 77,000 people attended

* Over 2000 displays stretched over 600,000 sf.

* Together, performing for the first time ever…in Vegas… the mega event: “Design and Construction Week”!!



(Now combine Blog Tour, Vegas, KBIS/IBS – shake, stir)

12/2013 – When I was officially invited to join Blog Tour Vegas, I was sent bios of the other bloggers invited to this tour. Many are Blog Tour alum who’ve been on many tours here and abroad. Holy #!+* – how did I get to be a part of this great crew? Note to self: Count blessings, feel humbled, knock on wood. Greetings and welcome notes flew. I was all a-Twitter.

Here are their bios



Feet up in first class (thanks to Robin Fisher’s lucky boots, I think).

Feet up in first class (thanks to Robin Fisher’s lucky boots, I think).



– 3am – Finish blog entry. Those who know me, know I’m like a moon howling coyote. (I told you, Lisa Mende)

– 11am – Leave for airport, offered first-class bump, no security check and found change on the floor while waiting at the Las Vegas baggage claim. I shamelessly scooped it up, took it as a continued lucky sign and walked 10 feet to the nearest slot machine…which I NEVER do. Sometimes, you just have to listen to the Universe. I was collecting my small (but symbolic) winnings, when I was tapped on the shoulder by my chauffeur. Ohhh, this is a good start.

– 3pm – Get the call that my new website had launched, complete with blog and new logo (thanks to Anish VonAhlefeld)! After many months of hard work, start and stop, we have a very timely lift off! Check it out: Rhonda Knoche Design.

New logo

New logo


– 4pm – Check into the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Would I like an up-grade to a suite (for next to nothing)? No thanks. I’m already feeling guilty, thanks to my German Protestant up-bringing, about the flight up-grade, finding money I didn’t earn and the premium hotel with two queen sized beds to myself.

Cosmopolitan Hotel - standard room. This will do, thank you.

Cosmopolitan Hotel – standard room. This will do, thank you.


6pm – Meet up at the Cosmopolitan’s rooftop restaurant, Comme Ca.

Up on the roof for the much awaited meet-up.

Up on the roof for the much awaited meet-up.


And THAT’S where the fun really began! Equipped with photos and bios in my head, like mental flash cards, I tried to match them up from nothing more than a previous connection via The Cloud. Just a few I had met before, some only by phone or email but most of them, I was meeting for the first time in the flesh. Most were tour alumni but this was my maiden voyage. Every single one made it feel like a Homecoming Event with open arms. We did intros, had a fabulous meal and did orientation for the action packed days ahead of us. It’s so exciting and the show hadn’t even begun yet. Much, much more to follow!


My tour mates for the next 5 days.

My tour mates for the next 5 days.


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