Purple Passion

Scope: 11 phase – existing footprint, kitchen, dining room, pantry room, family room

Problem: This family of 4 had a cramped closed corral of a kitchen with passage to other areas through this busy space. They were also saddled with poor quality, generic white cabinets that bucked their personal style.

Solution: Remove wall between kitchen, message center and dining room, designing around a necessary structural post. This utilizes the old message center space and opens flow between kitchen, dining and family room by also turning the peninsula into an island. With additional storage in the kitchen, the original pantry room reorients for a much-needed drop-spot-mudroom. The kitchen’s strong color block, bridging walls and ceiling, avoids spotty color breaks, increases scale and proportion, defines and transitions this bold lidded room to the tall vaulted ceilings on each side.

Personality/Style: This colorful family wants to reflect their love of art, color and their personality in a bold way. Longtime fans of purple, orange and Moroccan styles, they sought a designer who was willing to forego safe neutrals and prescriptive styles and help properly execute their own vision of a less traveled, very personal statement.