Functional Art

Scope: 1 phase – Entire main floor, existing foot print –  kitchen, dining, living room, entry, bath, window replacement.

Problem: Great rolling country view and deck but the main floor plan didn’t maximize them. The kitchen was isolated and poorly laid out.  None of the spaces or materials personified this client; a metal sculptor and IT engineer who exercises both sides of his brain. He hates symmetry, straight lines and herd mentality. He loves collaborative process and clever solutions but couldn’t find the right partner for this project.

Solution: We met after a seminar I’d given. We flipped spaces, maximized the view, room and deck  relationships. I incorporated his talents, sense of humor and his goal to induce smiles when entering the room. I designed the copper pulls to act as the functional art, he built them.

Style/Personality: Great example of Personality Design. He also made the 2 copper kitchen sinks, backsplash, the  clavos (studs) above each door and window and the martini glass shaped bathroom pedestal lav. LED lit glass shelves were another successful experiment.

Accolades: This project won a national design contest, has been published in approximately 10 magazines, HGTV, on-line sites and in 6 languages, proving that a fun collaborative process that produces smiles is a universal language.