Las Vegas, time to turn in

Up to me again?!

The day I arrived in Las Vegas it was Super Bowl Sunday and Chinese New Year celebrations were still going strong.  Between bonding with my new blog tour friends and settling down all of Las Vegas after the big day, it was a late turn in.  (For those of you who know me,  you know I run on lunar energy so these duties are often left up to me.)  Time to turn in.  The next day it would all begin.


Cosmopolitan Chandelier Bar (3 stories high), a crazy Super Bowl setting and meeting new Blog Tour friends.



Someone call for back-up? Meet Lisa Mende.

Someone call for back-up? Meet Lisa Mende (Charlotte, N.C.), new designer/blogger friend. Remember, it’s pronounced Knoche/Kentucky and Mende/Fendi. It was a  record breaking bond with this woman.




 I’d heard of designer/blogger, Marilyn Russell (Orlando, Florida), through the Blog Tour group. I contacted her 2 months prior to help with a client of mine there in Florida. I finally met this wonderful woman in person.



Modenus Talks

Designers + sponsors from 20/20 Technologies + Blanco + Mr. Steam + Walker Zanger = Talking Heads in a Think Tank

This was another first, not just for me, but as an industry event. This was the kick off for “Modenus Talks”, a direct extension of the connections made with BlogTour. BlogTour itself is often fast paced, full of great events when brands and influencers can meet and connect but there’s often not enough time to deepen those connections. Enter Modenus Talks – an intense four hour session of conversations and design and business challenges that encourage participants to share what they know and learn what they don’t yet know. What an amazing combination of backgrounds and talents.

As Veronika Miller, founder of   Modenus, said of her brainchild “In any industry, there are plenty of questions. With this group, there’s an excellent chance that the answer is right there in the room”! This group is all about sharing generously.


It’s a bagful of brainstorm.


It was like a combination of speed-dating, HGTV, reality TV, Jeopardy and Shark Tank rolled into one.


This inaugural event was sponsored by 20/20 TechnologiesBLANCOMr. Steam and Walker Zanger Tile . The 45 participants included designers, manufacturers, kitchen and bath industry pros and PR firms.






Split into teams of designers, manufacturers and industry pros, we were given a design challenge and a business challenge. Something that would’ve taken weeks of collaboration…”You have one hour…go”! Drawings and sparks flew. Here’s just one example:



2-3-14 - 228pm

This is just one of the design/business challenges.

Drawing paper flew, sketching, brainstorming, design plans, business plans; it was an amazing process of collaboration.  With varied backgrounds, it was a great synergy and team efforts.




 Ken of Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly (New York) presenting his team’s entry.


 Photo Feb 03, 3 54 27 PM

 A talented designer/blogger  and TV personality, Meredith Heron (Toronoto, Ontario),  presents her team’s creative winning solution with her usual zest.  I was lucky to meet her at last year’s KBIS in New Orleans, the fun start of this whole wonderful group in my life.



Jared Becker (California), Vice President of Design and Marketing for Walker Zanger who was a sponsor. It was great to collaborate with Jared on my team!

Jared Becker (California), Vice President of Design and Marketing for Walker Zanger was one of the sponsors. It was great to collaborate with Jared on my team especially with his art, design and marketing background; what a combo.

Photo Feb 03, 12 28 46 PM

 Martha Orellana (Long Island), Vice President of Mr. Steam brings her brilliant effervescence to everything she does.  I’d heard of Martha through this group last year and then met her 7 months later at a presentation in Portland. In Las Vegas, after this presentation, she  sat and checked my first steam shower project details with me. Talk about customer service.

 Modenus Talks.  Modenus does.

The buzz about this designer Blog Tour group in the industry had become apparent, seeing them interact and in action. The support is far reaching and generous from both the other designers and the sponsors. The energy is high and their impact is impressive. This exercise showed that special mix of collaboration with creative and business sides merging.


Off to a party at Brad and Angelina’s. Well, not quite but in the kitchen world, a private penthouse progressive cocktail party and dinner with Poggenpohl and Sub-Zero feels similar. Back to the room with 20 minutes to change. Come along for the next stop on Blog Tour.

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